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CFL Glass

⇒ CFL Glass

We offer excellent quality CFL Glass Bulbs at very reasonable prices. We offer CFL Glasses in different shapes like 2u, 3U, 4U, Spiral and Lotus. Our power saving tubes has found great favours in the market. Our products find applications in households and industries. Our products are highly energy efficient besides being reliable and durable.

Types of CFL Glass

⇒ 2U

We offer wide gamut of CFL 2 U glasses. These are highly durable and help in giving better illumination. We offer these products in different wattage. We adhere to stringent quality norms and these products are manufactured conforming to high national and international quality standards.

We offer the diffrent type CFL in 2U Category:

  • 5W 2U 9MM
  • 5W 2U 12MM
  • 8W 2U 12MM
  • 11W 2U 12MM
  • 15W 2U 12MM
  • 18W 2U 12MM

⇒ 3U

We are specialized in offering wide array of 3U CFL glass. These bulbs are extensively find applications in electrical and electronics industries. We use fine grade raw material to produce world class 3U glasses. Our products are famous for attributes such as high durability and reliability besides being economical.
We offer the different type CFL in 3U Category:

We offer the diffrent type CFL in 3U Category:

  • 8W 3U 9MM
  • 11W 3U 9MM
  • 18W 3U 12MM
  • 20W 3U 12MM
  • 23W 3U 12MM

⇒ 4U

Our 4U compact fluorescent lamp is of fine quality. This 4U CFL only uses 20%-25% of the power that is needed to illuminate incandescent lamps. Hence, it is also called an energy saving light bulb.
We offer the diffrent type CFL in 4U Category:

  • 30W 4U 12MM
  • 36W 4U 12MM

⇒ Spiral

We have won the faith the faith and trust of the esteemed clients by offering export quality full spiral U CFL Glass. These products are manufactured by using raw material sourced out from reliable vendors. We use cutting edge technology to manufacture flawless products that are highly energy efficient.
We offer the diffrent type CFL in Spiral Category:

  • 5/8W Spiral 9MM (Full & Half)
  • 15W Spiral 9MM (Full & Half)
  • 20W Spiral 10MM (Full & Half)
  • 23W Spiral 10MM (Full & Half)
  • 25W Spiral 12MM (Full & Half)
  • 30W Spiral 12MM (Full & Half)

⇒ Lotus

Our lotus CFL is elegantly designed that in turn give it a very attractive look. We use very good quality primary products to produce premium quality lotus CFL.
We offer the diffrent type CFL in Lotus Category:

  • 32W Lotus
  • 45W Lotus
  • 65W Lotus